Hey! What IS Moment Design and Beloved?

I realized that the post I did the other day on "What is Moment Design" in Swedish was needed in English. So - I translated it for you guys!

There is some confusion about the terms Moment Design and Beloved. Are they different, is Moment Design something new - wich workshop do I go to and what are Expression Invites?

Dont worry! Just keep reading and I will set you on your way to interactive photography and show you how to stop taking pictures and start making moments!

First - Meet Jesh de Rox! He is the founder of the Beloved technique or as we know it now: Moment Design.

jeshderox_beloved_anythingis_possible_workshop_moment design


“We as Beloved Photographers believe that we can change how the world sees photography. One relationship at a time”

— Jesh de Rox


Moment Design used to be know as Beloved. But as the technique grew the name had to evolve too. Besides the style beloved for couples, moment design also incorporates "Playful heart" for families and "First moments" for newborns. 

Belovedcollective has been the center for the business for a long time but this is also shifting towards http://anythingis.com. This is the main hub for all certified moment designers and instructors. If you want to find a teacher, just go to belovedcollective, click "connect" and search for a teacher! 
Dont miss out on becoming a member and dive in on all the greatness the site holds. PLUS you get to join the facebook group and get inspired by moment design photographers from all around the world! 
My tip is to check out the files uploaded to the group - they even share members own favourite expression invites!

Wait - WHAT?

What are invites? Well - as a moment designer I have a couple of tools in my camera bag to help me create moments - expression invites are one of them. You might call them games, invitations or questions that we use to evoke or provoke an action.


There are 18 teachers in the world that hold workshops and private sessions in order to teach You Moment Design. If you think that is not enough - there are more in the making as we speak! The greatest resources can be found at anythingis.com or belovedcollective.co. Here - you can find the comprehensive and complete 6 week education to start making moments and maybe even be a certified moment designer!

Different fields!

Moment Design is the term we use when we talk about this technique - but there are different branches. If you are an engagement- or wedding photographer, you might wanna look at beloved. For corporate shoots or simple portraits, beloved solo is your best bet. 
A family photographer like my self will get the result I want with Playful Heart and the newest edition to the bunch is First Moments - for newborn photographers. 
If you are interested in First Moments, Minna Burgess is the one to talk to. Right now, she is the only certified teacher in this field.

Can I be a certified Moment Designer?

Sure! Just check out the online workshop via the button above. It is a 6 week in depth class to get you started on your journey. You will understand the power of this technique and also learn how to safely use it yourself.

You might want to contact a teacher and visit a workshop or book a private session to get more practical help, but the online class is the only way to get your certification. When you have completed your course simply contact a teacher in your area and they will help you with your certification. 

Can I get certified in a specific field as well?

Not right now, but there are plans on the way to develope fields to allow students to specialize. Playful Heart is on its way and hope to have a release later this year.

I hope I helped you sort out the confusion and that you know now a little bit better what Moment Design really is. If you have any questions or if you want to book a consult, I will be happy to help. 

<3. L